Turning a Product Recall into an Opportunity to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

May 13, 2016

You never plan on having a recall, and you probably don’t have a plan for handling one.  Unfortunately, recalls are occurring with increasing frequency, and we at DataWorks see them affecting companies of all sizes.  Rapid growth, communication hiccups, and a momentary lapse in oversight can adversely affect any product today.  When a recall does […]

Clean Up Your Mailing List AND Your Office

February 23, 2016

Look around your office right now. Do you see a box or tub overflowing with returned mail? If so, don’t despair, rejoice! You are looking at a great opportunity to clean up your mailing list. Postal rates will increase again in April 2011. Using current, correct mailing addresses will save you money on postage. And […]