Why Data Collection is Vital to Business Growth in 2020

May 18, 2020

It’s no secret that the largest companies in the world collect large swaths of data. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple collect petabytes of data every day. That’s millions of gigabytes of data – enough ones and zeros to fill over 15 thousand iPhones a day. But why do these companies focus so much on […]

Turning a Product Recall into an Opportunity to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

May 13, 2016

You never plan on having a recall, and you probably don’t have a plan for handling one.  Unfortunately, recalls are occurring with increasing frequency, and we at DataWorks see them affecting companies of all sizes.  Rapid growth, communication hiccups, and a momentary lapse in oversight can adversely affect any product today.  When a recall does […]

Clean Up Your Mailing List AND Your Office

February 23, 2016

Look around your office right now. Do you see a box or tub overflowing with returned mail? If so, don’t despair, rejoice! You are looking at a great opportunity to clean up your mailing list. Postal rates will increase again in April 2011. Using current, correct mailing addresses will save you money on postage. And […]