Database Programming

Unlock the power of your information.

In today’s world, information is vital to your business. Properly organized and maintained, it can fuel your growth and guide your critical decisions. But the sheer volume of data that business generates can quickly overwhelm your staff and resources.

DataWorks can help.

For over two decades, we have worked closely with clients to develop database applications that model their business, with tools to simplify data entry and maintenance and reports to unlock the power of their information. Using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Visual Basic, we can:

  • Help you migrate from a simple spreadsheet to an automated database application
  • Create screens and tools to simplify data entry and data import
  • Implement procedures to clean, validate, and enhance your data
  • Develop active server web pages to display or collect information
  • Help with forecasting, modeling, and reporting

Integrated Services

If you need help with data entry and data collection or related services, let us know! We offer a suite of services that we can tailor to your individual needs.

Want to bring out the best in your data and your business?

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Database Programming Reviews

“As our workplace continues to change due to ERP systems, limited internal IT resources and departmental time constraints, I continue to realize the importance of a company like DataWorks. I have used them for over 15 years, and the professionalism and responsiveness of the entire DataWorks team is extraordinary. The databases that they have developed have helped us meet the contractual demands of an ever-changing business area and remain the global leader in the MRI service industry.”

- Brian Breter, MRI Customer Service Manager, Air Products