Collation & Kit Assembly

Find the helping hands you need to get the work done on time.

You have 10,000 folders to put together for an upcoming meeting, and the deadline is approaching quickly. Your sales representatives need updated product literature binders, but you lack the space, time, or manpower to make them in-house. You are shipping your materials to different regions, and they require custom content assembly. You know the individual requirements of your collation or assembly project. Now you need someone you trust to get the job done right.

DataWorks can help.

No matter how large or small your project, our professional fulfillment team has the experience and attention to detail to assemble your materials on time, according to your specifications. We can:

  • Collate, assemble, and prepare folders, kits, binders, and other packages
  • Print personalized letters and certificates
  • Customize information packets and materials by region, event, or other criteria
  • Ship assembled materials back to you or out to your sales representatives, customers, or prospects

Integrated Services

If your project requires ongoing order fulfillment or integrated support for trade shows or educational programs, let us know! We offer a suite of services that we can tailor to your individual needs.

Want hands you trust to assemble your materials accurately and efficiently?
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Collation & Kit Assembly Reviews

“DataWorks is not just our vendor, they are our partner. For over 15 years, the team has provided exceptional service and supported the growth of our business. Thanks for all that you do for our customers!”

- Jennifer Latzo, Sales Analyst, Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.